Print Power

Print Power is a pan-European organisation dedicated to promoting print media and its role in modern integrated marketing programmes and campaigns. The organisation comprises a wide range of companies representing the entire print media value chain—production, distribution, printing, content and delivery. This gives Print Power a unique level of expertise and experience in all areas of the print industry.

Print media’s unique qualities

In this age of multimedia marketing and communication, print retains a number of unique qualities. These qualities give the reader an engaging and effective experience that other media alone cannot match.
One of print media’s leading qualities is its ability to demand the full attention of the reader. With less distractions, the reader becomes immersed and the publication or leaflet is read more deeply – a process that leads to ‘deep thinking’ and an increase in effectiveness of the content.

The physicality of print also adds to the effectiveness of the medium, as well as the reading experience itself. The feel of a newspaper, weight of a magazine or substance of a piece of direct mail gives the consumer a sense of reliability and trust. By using different paper stocks and weights, marketers are able to evoke different feelings within the consumer, from the heavy weight of an eye-catching door drop to the luxurious high-gloss of an antiques brochure.

Print media’s ability to gain the attention of a consumer and compel them to take some form of action has always been part of its allure to the marketer. Direct mail and door drop have always pushed the consumer towards purchase in-store, via a call centre or, more recently, through a website. But newspaper and magazine advertising now offer that interactivity with the use of QR codes, Augmented Reality and Near-Field Communication.

This digital integration is now central to the success of print media and offers the marketer a host of opportunities to engage with their customers in a number of new and exciting ways.


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